Welsh Organizations & Resources

Organizations and Events of National and Local Interest

Wisconsin Gymanfa Ganu Association


The Cambrian Benevolent Society of Chicago


Cambrian Heritage Society of Madison

Traveling west? Call in Madison!

Welsh Heritage Week

July 15-22, 2018
Get to know your culture and roots.
Email: hwyl@ptd.net
Tel. (570) 814-7689

North American Festival of Wales

August 30 – September 2, 2018
Featuring the 87th National Gymanfu Ganu.
Email: IHG@theWNAA.org
Tel. (607) 279-7402

The National Festival returns to Milwaukee in 2019


Parallel.cymru is digital magazine that presents Welsh-language magazine articles side by side with English text, together with a number of resources such as grammar guides, idioms, Book of the Month and lots more. All the content is available for free, from any browser anywhere in the world, and is updated several times a week. https://parallel.cymru/world/

Parallel.cymru provides a great way for people outside of Wales to keep connected with the language and culture.

Welsh Language Resources

One of Wales’s greatest struggles has been to save its language. Welsh schoolchildren were long forbidden to speak the language in school and were punished for doing so. As a result, Welsh was almost completely displaced by English in many parts of the country, hanging on mainly in north and west Wales. However, in the past decades, there has been a strong movement to revive the language, with the Welsh Language Society being founded in 1962. Today, both Welsh and English are official languages in Wales. Many communities in Wales require elementary education in Welsh. Depending on the source, about 20% of the Welsh people are able to speak the language today. Language is culture. Language is power!

If you’re interested in learning Welsh, there are many resources available.

Cwrs Cymraeg

July 15-22, 2018
Hamline University, St Paul, MN
Scholarships are available for all ages
Email: secretary@madog.org


A website and phone app that offers extensive free courses in more than 20 languages, including Welsh (of course!). This app is amazing!

Say Something In Welsh

Another website and phone app (SSiWelsh) that offers 25 free listening and speaking lessons from native speakers. The emphasis is not on grammar but on listening, repeating, and recognizing patterns. Lessons can be downloaded for use offline. Choose between Northern and Southern Welsh dialects.

Welsh audiobooks on Audible

Audible (an audiobook subscription service) has two books in Welsh available. One in particular, Coed y Brenin, by Colin Jones, is targeted for the Welsh learner and is just an hour long. Even if you can’t understand it, download it and listen from time to time, just to let the sound of Welsh wash over you! Subscriptions start at $14.95 and you can download one book as a free trial. Available as a phone app as well.

NINNAU & Y Drych

NINNAU & Y Drych is the North American Welsh Newspaper®. It is the result of the 2003 merger of NINNAU, the then North American Welsh Newspaper, and Y Drych (The Mirror), the oldest Welsh newspaper in the Americas. Now united as one newspaper, NINNAU & Y Drych provides complete coverage of the North American Welsh community.

One of the benefits of membership in the Welsh Club is a discounted rate for subscriptions to NINNAU & Y Drych. Keep in touch with news from North America, Cymru (Wales), Patagonia, and the rest of the world. A must for all Welsh patriots! Available in print and online.

Download a printable PDF subscription form. (Coming Soon!)

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